About Us

Our goal is to provide you with the proper shoes for your particular workout, so that you can remain active and fit. - Alan Harris, President

Shoes4Fitness.com brings together a wide variety of fitness shoe types, styles and brands at extremely reasonable prices. Featuring national brands that are not always available in smaller markets, it provides a central resource that fitness professionals can use to make sure their clientele have the proper shoes for their particular workout.

By its very nature, Shoes4Fitness.com promotes what professionals already know… Fitness shoes are designed for different kinds of workouts based on the type of movement, floor surface and degree of impact. When people wear proper shoes they protect themselves from possible injuries and can more fully participate and benefit from their workout session. We look forward to serving your fitness needs.

Thank you for your patronage,

Alan Harris

Since 1991, when he entered the fitness business, Alan Harris has been helping women find the right shoes for their fitness activities. In his warehouse in Silver Spring, Maryland, at clubs throughout the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area and at national fitness conventions across the country, Mr. Harris has promoted the benefits of wearing proper shoes during workout sessions.